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Can these door panels be fixed?

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My deluxe door panels are missing. Can these be repaired and painted white?


Deluxe Door Panels


Those look pretty rough. You might want to check on here and see if someone has a better used set they want to sell. I know the re-pops are crazy expensive and I cannot speak to their fitment.

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If you don't have anything that price is pretty good for the trim, door pulls, speaker grills and hopefully the upper stainless piece with the felts, if it is all good and there. I see the door handle plastic pockets are missing. Repair is not really an option. You can see any patch you apply for sure. White is very difficult to find original in good shape. The white panels are indeed white so dying another set is possible. I sold my last set of near perfect black panels to someone in Utah for $550 and he was happy. They had all the trim, pulls and the speaker grills. Bob Perkins has a NOS Black one for I think $2,500, lol.

Do lots of searching your best place to look is the North East where the sun did not shine. California and desert are the worst place to look for good interior parts. I shipped the two I sold by U.S.P.S. so not a big cost seems like around $40.00. Search for crashed totaled classics. I got a very nice 72 with complete Factory interior for $1,500 that had been crashed. Search Search Search.

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I have a set of trim panels that is everything but one door pull handle. Would let go for far less than their asking for that. If you decide to get re-pop panels and need the stuff. Been looking to get it out of the shop.

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Hi there,


the armrests are shot on those, and repairing that area is just about impossible if you're chasing a top looking finished job.(expensive too)


Yes, they can be refinished in white if desired. My advice though, would be to buy white repro ones, and then go to the extra trouble of fitting them up. Not fun to do, but worth it in the end. That's the way i went. Ask the Forum what they think is the best repro brand to buy as well.


See my thread on this subject.






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I replaced my old ones with new ones. The fit met was good, IIRC they were around $400 per panel.

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