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Hi,  Looking to spruce up my front seats 'rear' plastic trim sections. They are really faded but in good shape, no dents or cracks.  Trim is Black.

I found  this product on WCCC site - STEM Trim Black Paint 39143 . 

1. Has anyone use this product? 

 2. How to pull the panels off without breaking them.   


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The back seat panels have two screws at the bottom and then clips on the sides.  You can use a door panel tool or just work your fingers underneath and they should pop out.  The SEM's Trim Black will work but I would recommend using an plastic adhesion promoter - SEM's 39863 and SEM's Landu Color Coat 15013.  This is the black color for our interiors panels and seat backs.  Hope this helps.

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I just did my back panels on my 72 vert build. I get my materials from NPD they are close to me. The most important thing is to clean the parts extremely good. Wash with hot water and us Dawn dish washing liquid on them. After that also wash with lacquer thinner. DO NOT use acetone it will melt the ABS plastic. The black for them would be the charcoal metallic black used from 1965 - 1973. 

When you start to spray them if you get fish eyes in the paint stop and wipe the paint off with lacquer thinner and clean them again. If anyone ever used Armorall on the interior it is almost impossible to get them clean enough. 

Some pics of the rear panels I did and the paint from NPD. I use on consoles also. Mine is ginger but they will have the black also. Mine was a perfect match. The part of the panel that is behind the rear seat back was not sprayed and matches perfect.





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