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Hello I have a question I was wondering if you can help me out 

 I have a 1971 351 I'm going to be taken out the motor to rebuild it.this only has 2 lines one to pump and one to block . Have a 1973 351 engine ready to go in. The watering system is different there is another pipe would you happen to know the layout on what hoses go where to and heater core?? Picture would be great.
I'm trying to use the 71 heater hose lines for the 73 block
Btw I bought strictor plate and thermostat for my 73 block  from tmyer .i just would like how to hook it up.
Might sound like a dumb question. 
Thank you
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All Clevelands use the same cooling system configuration.  Water out to the heater core is the block outlet, water returns to the pump. You may have a Windsor configured water pump with two hose nipples. The 351C pump is threaded at the lower inlet for a thermostatic vacuum valve. You can simply block off the lower nipple if you're not using the valve. 

Windsor pump



Cleveland pump





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