1971 Boss351


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I'd like to have our brains to determine why we loved these cars!
I wish we had brains to determine also. The reason why we love these is half of us are geniuses and the other half of us are at the other end. None of us know which end we are on. The people who don't like them are in the middle and can't pick a side. Hope that clears it up. I read that these won many design awards.
I've owned my Mach 1 for 34 years, and still to this day, will walk outside and check out the car, how aggressively it haunches down in the driveway. When I go to the store, I'll park, walk about 50 feet, and stop and turn around, thinking to myself, " ...look at that...". These cars have that "something" about them. I was 18 years old when they first came out, a senior in high school, and saw my first '71 brand new in a neighborhood driveway. Back then, I thought it was ugly , compared to previous designs, and I didn't like it. BUT.....unlike myself, the older the car becomes, the better looking it gets. The design certainly ain't no "soapbar" or "imperial stormtrooper" design, like today's cars, and, although I also own a brand new car, guess which car I chose to drive back and forth to work every day? You guessed it, the Mach 1. The car has over 380 thousand miles on her now, and has earned more "street cred" than most cars from the Muscle Car era, and proudly carries the FoMoCo banner high.


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