71-72 Grille on 73 ? Here is how I did it!


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I finally bought the 71-72 grille, I had done som mods to my old 73 grille. But now I wanted the cool look of the 71-72 :)
I bought the 71-72 grille with lamps and trim, nothing else. Im still waiting for the Bezel for the lights.
Ive allready have the 71-72 chrome bumper with correct brackets. The valance plate is 73 but I have put the 71-72 blinker lights in it.

Mounting the grille, the holes lines up nearly perfect. I hade to move the driver side reflector housing just 3 mm. Then all holes lined up in the grille.

Next the 71-72 has a big lip, I cut the down the lip and added a trim list so that it will match the bumper. Measure twice cut once.
The locking mechanism, I cut the lever in to places and welded it so that it got bent and fitted the hole in the grille.
Grille support, I just redrilled 2 holes and moved forward to grille and redrilled the lower hole. 
I added a grille net to cover the hole between the bumper and the valance.
I pleased how it turned out, lamps are not connected yet and Im waiting on the trim rings.
Overall a 2-3 hour jobb.  Getting the right space between the lip and bumper was a bit time consuming :-

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