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Hi. I have a Ford tooling dash pad that rattles even though I have added cushioning. I think I am going to replace it with a urethane dash pad I also have but didn't use because I couldn't find suitable u clips for the 4 screws that attach the dash pad to the front of the dash. The standard u clips won't spread enough to go over the really thick lip on the underside of the urethane dash pad. The mounting strip on the pad is much thicker than the oem or ford tooling version (which is fairly thin metal) Can anyone recommend a suitable workaround and/or a specific u-clip that is wide enough or flexible enough to work with the urethane dash pad?


May 30, 2021
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So, I pasted the above message and that clearly didn't work very well. What I am asking is what type of u-clip or other style of clip will work with the urethane dash pads? The standard u-clips that work with the OEM/Ford tooling dash pads don't really work with the urethane dash pads. The urethane dash pads have a very thick lip whereas the oem style pads have a thin metal strip and the u-clips easily slide over the lip for attachment in front. I am trying to see what others may have used to attach a urethane dash pad at the front near the instrument panel/glove box - the four screws go into those u-clips. Thanks for your suggestions.
Jan 17, 2015
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