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Mar 10, 2011
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My Car
1971 Boss 351
1971 Mustang Sportsroof
1972 Q Code 4-speed conv.
Sold some property where I had a few cars stored. Had to let some stuff go I intended to keep a while longer but now that they are gone - it isn't so bad.
Two of the things I got rid of were Mustang parts cars. One, a 73 Mach 1 that had definitely seen better days and the other a 71 hardtop that was plenty rough as well. Neither of these cars warranted trying to build/save. And not really enough left to offer any of you guys. I did pull a few parts off of them that I had promised to some local Mustang owner/friends before they were sold and hauled off. I still have a 42 Chevy 2 door sedan ROLLER out there for sale on FB marketplace...

Really hard to hang onto stuff. But I do feel a little weight off my shoulders as I have been forced to sell/move/give away stuff in the sell of this property.

I had to come to the hard truth - I won't live long enough to deal with all these 'projects'.
Had to prioritize what was really important to me. Now I get to start cleaning out my garage!!!

Ok. Guess you guys can all send me a bill for the psychiatry session!!!! LOL


I've done that when I got out of the Fox body and SN95 Mustangs and moved to Hawaii. No regrets but I did have some unusual stuff that is increasing in value. That said, if cleaning out your garage you run across a good hi-tone horn let me know! ;)
Sometimes life forces hard decisions and it sounds like you faced those head-on. Hopefully you have had a little bump in your finances in the process.

The process of prioritizing the important things can produce a fundamental shift in the way we think about our lives and all our “stuff”– and it can be incredibly empowering.

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