Hard starting 1406 Carb new problem.


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May 26, 2013
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My Car
1973 red convertible 351 4 V
I have a had a 1406 Edlebrock carb on my car for about 6 years with no issues. Lately the car is becoming hard to start. It does not seem to be getting fuel. I have to keep pumping the gas petal for a long time to get fuel. Once it starts it runs fine with good acceleration. Any idea what to look at? I checked Edlebrock trouble shooting tips other than change out the fuel filter which I plan to do.

John J
I have the same issue after it sits for a few days. Fuel evaporates from the bowls and needs to crank for a while to refill.

At some point, I'll change my fuel pump to be sure it's not leaking back. But not yet.
As 73inNH alluded to, Edlebrock carbs have a tendency to evaporate the fuel in the bowls, which leads to hard starting. Tell us a little more about when and how it occurs, how long between starts etc.
Mine is consistent if sitting more than 12 hours….it takes about 15-30 seconds of starter operation with 3-5 pumps of the pedal….I have fresh carb rebuild, new fuel lines and filter, and new carter pump.
Mine has the same problem as RIBS. The longer it sits the harder it is to start and seem to be getting worse. Not sure if it can be fixed or is it time for a new carb. I don't remember it being like this when it was new. The carb is 7 or 8 years old but I only put on around a 1000 mile a year. It just a weekend cruiser. When I bought the car it had a 4300 D on it and it would never start if it was cold out and liked to flood out.

John J
My car does the same thing, when it sits for a few days it needs to crank a while and then a couple pumps and she fires. I have a new Quick Fuel Technologies 650 double pumper and new carter fuel pump. I have not done any inspection yet, but I suspect when I remove the air cleaner and look in the sight glasses on the fuel bowls they will be low or dry. I expected this to some extent when I decided to go with a carb over EFI but none of my other cars are this severe. This is the first QFT carb I have installed, (highly recommended by friends and my engine builder) my other cars have Holley or Edelbrock carbs on them. The second worst is the Edelbrock car, but this seems like this car is the worst with this issue.
I have a Summit 750CFM, electric choke and vacuum secondaries on it and if it sits for about a month, it takes about two or three tries for it to start. Most of the time, she starts first time if sitting less than that. Next time it sits that long, I will pop the hood and check the fuel level first to see how much it has dropped. Btw, I love this carb, very easy to work on, my only suggestion if buying one is to check to make sure the power valves are not reversed by accident during assembly. For my 351C, I did have to drop the jets down 2 sizes to get it running better.


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