Hello from Switzerland


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Congratulations on the beautiful car, and welcome to the site from North Carolina, USA!
Welcome. Nice car. If you aren't familiar, get a Marti Report and post it here. 72 Q codes are some of the best convertibles
Howdy Rene and welcome from Texas! Your car looks very much like my '72 Q-code convertible with the exception of mine having a black interior. You certainly are fortunate to be able to drive around the beautiful Swiss countryside in a classic convertible.
maybe you have Pics from your Car ?
hello everyone, i'm from switzerland and have a 1972 ford mustang cabriolet q-code in white and red.
I will probably have many more questions for you because it is my first classic car.

Thanks Rene
Hallo Rene, hast du diesen bei den Hanselman gekauft? Wenn du mal was brauchst, ich habe Mustangs seit 40 Jahren und mache auch (Teil-)-Restaurationen, schau doch mal rein in Rietheim! Gruss Roland


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Does it also have Mustang drivers from Arizona here?