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May 23, 2024
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Melbourne Australia
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71 Mach 1 Fastback Yellow
Awesome to join the best forum dedicated to the best car in the world. I'm new here, based in Melbourne Australia and own a 71 Mach 1 Fastback in grabber yellow 351C 4v. I've owned the car for over 10 years since it arrived on Australian shores from America. I managed to hang on to my true love after being divorced some years ago. This derailed the initial restoration plans at the time. Fast forward to 2024 and Currently i am in the process of restoring my car and look forward to learning tips off and networking with fellow Mustang owners.
Great to be here!
Welcome and howdy from Texas! Post up some pictures of your Mach 1 so we can all see what you're working a and don't hold back on your questions. You'll find plenty of advice and wisdom from the more experienced members here. You'll also get plenty of encouragement.
Hey Thanks Everyone for the welcome and sorry for the delay in snaps but lets get this journey rocking and share the rising of the beast together. Heading to its temporary home while it has a little holiday in the make up section in queensland australia. Its a solid car but 20 years or so in the weather in the Home land seemed to take its toll and the interior is deluxe and neat but was required to all come out to address a fair few rust issues all throughout my car. So i'm on a journey fixing this car with the "Steel Whisperer" and will often refer to SW throughout the journey. It's my heart beat and i love this car so its having a special makeover as it deserves for a belated 50th present. Need a new cowl section if anyone has one in Australia, got most other things except inner reqar quarter extensions so if there are any in Australia or Friends overseas please let me know how to get a 71Cowl assembly to melbourne or qld


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working on this with the SW
there was a lot going on under the carpet so easier to replace than repair on this one and got most part i need but a few things are arising on the journey but that is part of the fun and relationship with my car. so if there is a 71 cowl in Australia please contact me and let me know where to pick it up :LOL::LOL::p:p The SW hasn't fixed and welded in the new panels yet but we are sizing up the job and seeing how our replacement bits are going to work and what adjustments are required. Appreciate any tips and advice from the masters


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