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Jan 14, 2023
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71 Mach 1
Good evening Mustang fans!
Lifelong Blue Oval guy here - started with my first vehicle ever - 1967 Ford F-100. Since then, I have owned a 1986 SVO Mustang, 1988 Bronco, F-350, and a whole host of F-150’s. I also have a 1974 Bronco that was purchased new by my father-in-law and my wife drove during her high school years. The Bronco is not currently operational and is waiting on me to pull the trigger on a frame-off restoration.
About a year ago, I picked up a 1971 Mach 1 from auction - its a factory 351C/4-speed car, but a previous owner swapped out the Cleveland for a 429.
Since I got it, I have replaced the entire suspension, steering, ignition and upgraded to 17” Magnum 500. I also have a rear disc brake conversion that I have not yet installed. Once that is done, I have plans for some interior improvements and then we should be ready to cruise! Slow going since I am not yet retired and only work on my vehicles when time allows!
Looking forward to picking up some pointers and insights from the membership.


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Plan to stick with the original black/gray. TMI sells new skins that match the factory pattern - will try to keep the original buckets and replace the foam and vinyl.
I will post pictures when I get it done.
Welcome from NC! Beautiful ride brother.