Jon Kaase Boss 429

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In the process of dropping a 460 into my Mach1
Awesome! How goes the progress?

The 429 job you did looks great, by the way!
Well it has gone pretty well. Was completed a few weeks ago and I have tested it a few miles. had to make some small adjustments on the tailpipe when it hit against the leaf spring on the R side.

Even Had to replace the valvecover gaskets because they leaked.

(Not funny work )

But now I hope that everything will work.

(The engine feels almost too strong for the car)

// Thomas

Did you install sub-frame connectors? That is a lot of power for a Uni-Body without something to tie it together other than the floor pans and roof.

Did you install sub-frame connectors? That is a lot of power for a Uni-Body without something to tie it together other than the floor pans and roof.
Unfortunately no subframes or other reinforcements. Would probably be needed. The only thing that is dimensioned for the power is the transmission - clutch and rear axle.

Did not want the car to look like a race car.

(Unfortunately failed org hood to get there after the engine swap)

// Thomas

That Boss engine looks sooooo cool. Brings back memories, I had a 69 Boss 429 with a H&M built engine when I was 18 yo. Your fabrication skills are awesome, the hood is absolutely amazing. :)


I don't know how I missed this one, nice car, you did a great job on the hood! Ryan

Very nice car, I would email pictures to the movie people that do the Fast and Furious movies. Might get your car in the movie, and make it worth a gazillion dollars.

What's the status with the car? 

I visited Jon Kaase Racing Engines at GA last year. There were a bunch of new B9 heads on shelf and he also had an ol' IHRA prostock 816 inch big muthur laying on the ground. It was for sale... I was seriously thinking for a few seconds that would I dare to ask mr. Kaase that how would it run when detuned / stunned to the street.

What's the status with the car? 

It is used as often as I can. Works really well maybe a little too much torque / horsepower. But I'm getting used to it now. Must use the accelerator pedal with caution

// Thomas

Great!! Am I mistaken, but somehow I have missed pictures from the ready car & hood outside the carage?? :)

I visited with my family Kolmården on last Thursday - Friday and we really enjoyed all the animals and the world largest roller coaster made out of wood. Weather was great. I saw only one new 2017 Mustang and one '69 2dht Coronet but otherwise a great trip!!

Thanks Thomas, I love the hood! If you ever want to restore your Mach 1, I am interested in the hood... Innocent looking ride (exept the hood)!!

Has any one dropped a Boss 429 in a 71-73 mustang yet?
Yes !  I have.
Were you able to figure out how to use a power brake booster?  I built a similar car, also with the Kasse engine.  I bought a 1969 Boss 429 booster but could not seem to find room for it.  

I used my original brake booster to the car!

// Thomas


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