Long Live the V8 Mustang!


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I'm torn. Yay for 4 door sedans. A mustang is a 2-door sports car with a barely usable backseat that exists only for insurance purposes and small children.

Did ford fire everybody in the naming department? Calling a 4-door EV suv a mustang. Reusing the name of a small car from the 70s for their new entry-level truck. Now calling a 4 door sedan a mustang.

It would have been more fitting to call it a crown vic.
Somebody has lost their marbles at Ford.
Mustang is for sure the "hottest name" they have, but don't call every new innovation a "Mustang" just because.
It was bad enough when Chrysler bought out the Dodge Charger in 2006 as a 4 door, but at least there was a reason for that, to develop a new generation of police cars.
I actually owned a black 2007 Charger, the only new car I've ever owned and loved it. I built the prototype air induction systems for these cars, so I had a sense of achievement by owning something I had worked on. Also it was fun driving on the highways in a black Charger and have others pull over to the right lane because they thought I was a Police car!!!
If they want a four door sedan then bring back the Fairlane GT or the Galaxie 500 name plate and stick that on it. Then they should make a model with their super charged motor and a 6 speed under the hood and tag it with minimal badging thereby effectively creating a sleeper.

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