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Motorcraft 4300D spreadbore carb


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Long time vintage mustang hobbyist
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Apr 19, 2011
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Buffalo, NY
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1969 Convertible Restomod enhanced.
former owner (25 yrs) of 1973 Convertible, 351c, A/C, RA
Re-listing this from a couple years ago. Have dropped the price and will try again. 

Motorcraft 4300D D3ZF LA carb.  I purchased it back in the mid 90's and kept it as a spare.  Only used it briefly a couple times, but it should be re-built since gaskets are most likely dried out.

Revised - 2/26/20:  Price dropped

$150.00 US plus shipping.  Package is 12"x12"x12" at 13 lbs.  will be shipped from Buffalo, NY

For additional information / questions - Send Private Message thru the forum or send email to [email protected].   

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