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With all the science going on recently I was curious as to the number of 71 vs 72 vs 73 on this forum. Please take the time to post up year and make. Believe it or not this will give a pretty good sample group as to the percentage of survivors vs the # produced. IF YOUR PROUD OF IT, POST IT!!!

2- 73 Q codes. 1 sport package automatic, 1 regular interior 4 speed.
71 M code black fastback Mach 1, 4 speed, AC, deluxe interior (351 has been replaced with 429).
351 Cleveland H code with functional ram air, 600 Holley carb & Edelbrock intake.
Dual point distributor,front disc brakes,power steering, FMX transmission with shift kit.
4.11 traction-lok 9” rear axle.
Power top with glass rear window Tinted windshield, deluxe interior
Sport mirrors, Rim blow wheel
I don't know how far back you're going on this thread, but I ,may have responded before:

Arizona car, 1973 Mach-1, Rebuilt Original 351 Cleveland engine and original C-6 trans, 3:00 rear end, and Trac-Loc, All original body panels, Interior is restored.