New Rear Shocks Installed

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Jul 6, 2015
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1973 Mustang Grande 351C 2v
I finally bit the bullet and ordered new rear shocks for the 73. I ordered the Aldon single adjustable. I will say these are a very nice set up. I have been working with different combinations of shock adjustment along with me caltracs. Basically trying to find my ideal set up for cruising around and my set up for hard launch at the strip. As I was getting close to getting all dialed in I went to make some adjustments on the shocks yesterday and noticed one of them leaking from the adjuster. I got on the Summit chat and explained what was going on. The chat guy contacted Aldon and they shipped out a complete new set the same day and emailed me a return label for mine. They stated that I can still drive on these and just return them once the new ones arrive. I was a bit disappointed when I discovered the leak but kudos to Summit and Aldon for standing behind their product and taking care of customers. Aside from the leak these are great shocks!