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nice looking wheels and tires! What did you use to clean the white lettering?
I am not sure what was used to clean them. The place in Indianapolis where I bought the tires and wheels had the tires mounted and cleaned them before I picked them up.
What did you use to clean the white lettering?
Powdered comet on a wetted nylon bristle scrub brush works great. My dad made sure I had this skill and let me practice it frequently, as a kid. That same combo is also great for floor mats and showers :D

Edit: Great looking wheels, by the way! I have the same tires, but my one legged rear diff has taken its toll on one of the rears....even with swapping sides...which reminds me.
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I love the feeling of driving with new tires especially if you’re driving on a newly asphalted road, and in a classic Mustang…a slice of heaven 😊
I've always loved how the Coopers look, but I can't seem to get them to hook up, even with a taction lock differential. I had fits until I put Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires on. Big $ but they work like crazy.

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