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Feb 28, 2011
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Chattanooga, TN
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So the long journey from 2019 when we moved to the new house with a detached 700 sq ft garage to finally have a garage to store all of my equipment, cars, and parts is finally realized. The cliff notes version is back in late 2020 I signed a contract to have the garage built. The contractor did dirt work and poured the slab and then stopped showing up. I had fronted a fair amount of money but by far not a majority of the build. In July 2021 I heard from the concrete contractor who had not been paid and from there it was a landslide of discovery regarding this low life. I was contacted by a family in the area who new of 4 other families who were scammed for significant thousands of dollar. One family had their entire first floor gutted and could not live in their home and had to rent a home an hour from town. Needless to say he will get his justice at the pearly gates. I have a judgment against him, but collecting is a different story. If anyone has any suggestions on that front I would be interested.

Now onto the better news..... I decided to general it myself and found a reputable framer who also roofed the structure for me. My 80+ father and I with other family members worked on the siding. Electrician I have had work on other projects ran a 200 amp panel and wired the building with tons of outlets for welding, compressor and everyday needs. In total the new shop is 2200 square feet which is bigger than the old shop in west TN and I do not think I will have any difficulty filling it up. Glad I can just stop paying for storage fees and have the room to get started again on car projects.


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Hopefully he farmed out the concrete work to someone who took some pride in their work. Like properly working the dirt, setting up the forms to allow enough concrete, monitoring the slump rate, knowing how much to pour, not waiting on a load while one dries etc. properly finishing, anchors? You'd know by now. Love the shop. Must be a lenient neighborhood for zoning. I had a 30 X 40 brought & they pulled the permit & stopped the process. They made me make that building into a 30 & 35 in order to come up with 20% of my total sq/ft of my house. I'm the one that surveyed n fudged the numbers to get that far adding an enclosed screen porch as sq/ft. Ye I live amongst some self-righteous hypocrites.
Congrats on the new shop, Brian. I know how excited you must be to finally get that finished after dealing with the delays caused by scumbag scam artists. It looks fantastic. I really like that loft with the windows, and it looks tall enough for a lift, too. Now the fun begins. Getting moved in and organizing everything. :)
It's beautiful @bkdunha ! Perfect complement to a beautiful house!

I recall when you started build it. Sorry to hear you had issues with the contractor. Hope you'll get your upfront money back!
But for now, man, that's some seriously jealous making shop that you managed to build! Love the ceiling, always amazed at the amount of wood you guys use in constructions.
Great looking garage mahal! Enjoy. Regarding the slime ball contractor, I know a guy, who knows a guy in Chicago who is willing to take on out of town contracts. Chuck
Awesome garage! I am retiring in a few months and am planning to build a 1600sq ft addition to my 3 car garage. I am so close I can almost taste it, lol.

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