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Oct 22, 2022
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Caddo Mill, Texas
My Car
1973 Mach 1
177HP, 351-2V, V8
Factory A/C
Factory Power Brakes
C6, Automatic
Medium Bright Yellow
High Back Bucket, Black Vinyl
I live in NE Texas. The car is a 1973 Mach1. It is the 'bare bones' model. The only options it appears to have had are A/C. Understandable for NE Texas, which I believe the car is native to this area. It had the 302 with 3 Speed manual, 8 inch with 2.73 gears, and manual drum brakes all around. I can only imagine someone buying the car in early '73 with no interest in performance, but liked the fastback styling. Long story short, the car had been abandoned since the early '90's. At that time it appears someone was in the process of dropping a big-block FE in with a C6.

The drivetrain install had a lot to be desired. I can imagine the plans the individual had for the car. We've all seen it happen, an AWESOME project start off on the right foot, then interest lost, perhaps this suffered the same fate.
Well that's the intro and thanks for any future welcomes. Here is another pic with the '69 included.
Where are you located in relation to Greenville, Texas?