Resistor wire?

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Sep 27, 2022
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My Car
Green on green 72 Mach 1
Would anyone here know what section of the resistance wire is actually resistance wire?
Is the whole length from the fuse box to the coil or just the under hood section or just the under dash section?
I’m looking to convert to a electronic ignition and don’t want to run a ugly ballast resistor.
I had to buy a reproduction feed harness as mine was butchered at some point in its past.
Also the coil I have says it must be run with a resistor. Would this be for brands that don’t run a resistor wire?
Thanks for any help
The resistor part on my 72 is is behind the instrument cluster, covered with tape, and inside a plastic "loom", it looks like a folded black taco. It is a pretty serious effort to get to it. BTW, only the resistance part of the wire is pink. Chuck
So you wouldn’t have to run a ballast resistor with a Ford right?
The car I bought has a Mallory distributor and a big gigantic Mallory coil with a ugly yellow coil wire 😂. And the guy had a ballast resistor in-line mounted next to on the shock tower.
I know I check for it to have 9 volts in the key in the run position to verify but just want to know what is what.
I did an Accell conversion on my 70 Cobra about 12 years ago I didn’t have to run a resistor and it worked perfectly. Can you tell me why some coils need a resistor and some don’t.
In Accell’s instructions he it gives you a few options on how to run it. One is if you and a resistor wire you can run your stock coil or any coil I assume or you can use of there coils of theirs they list with no resistor and lastly you could run a ballast resistor with no resistor wire with a stock coil.
I hope this wasn’t confusing.
Some coils have an internal resistance of .6-.7 ohms and others 1.3-1.4 ohms. the resistor wire is 1.3-1.4 ohms. I'd talk with Mallory to be sure of how to hook it up. Chuck