Sand blasting, it’s a blast, blast, gas

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Aug 27, 2021
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Williamsburg Virginia area
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1972 H code convert., 351C 2V, FMX, 9in., Ram air, Pwr Steering, Pwr Disc brakes, air-conditioning, 15" sport wheels, Ivy Glo w/white deluxe interior.
Today is not a car workday but as I’m sitting here looking at things on a break from lumberjack day (sizing all the tree limbs and branches for firewood), I was thinking.
Yes, that’s dangerous in and of itself but every now and then, something useful comes up.
Had anyone attempted to sand blast the front door pocket that’s behind the front fender with the door attached?
Reasoning is, I’m really trying to not remove the doors and would like to shoot the area with the current color of the car. At this time, it’s the original Ivy Glow and medium blue metallic mixed with an added hint of road grime and dirt.
So, not needed if most of the other emission systems are missing or damaged. I'll just leave it, doesn't seem worth the hassle to remove if nothing is functioning anyhow.
I would take the doors off, just for the time savings in taping off everything you don't want bead blasted, plus I think you'll find the area under the hinges isn't as pristine as you might think it is. Is there any movement in the door hinges? The doors are pretty long and heavy, so the hinge pins tend to wear out. This would be a good time to rebuild them.

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