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Dec 10, 2017
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1973 Mach 1 "Q Code"
I have removed my old cracked windshield and picked up a new one at NPD this last weekend. I am currently in the process of removing all of the old butyl sealant and see that there is also another type of sealant that was around the windshield that filled part of the channel. I picked up the roll/rope type of butyl at a local parts store but it's not sticky. I mean it will sit in place around the channel under the windshield but doesn't appear that it will actually hold the windshield in place. Does it bond better with contact/time? I plan to use the butyl under the windshield like the original was installed but what is the best sealant to add to the channel to ensure everything is sealed correctly? I have read a few other threads on the forum and I did not see anyone state what they used other than the butyl. Any helpful hints? By the way, I plan to not fill the channel up so much that I can't get the trim back on, I had a lot of issues when I installed my rear glass trim because of that. Any and all advise is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

My dad was a windshield installer for decades. Used to take me riding around with him installing them. About 99.5% of them get installed with a caulking gun and black urathane. You can lay the bead down small enough that there's plenty of room left for the trim.

When i needed a couple tubes recently, i swung by the local auto glass store and the dude sold me a few tubes for $10.
Before you even attempt to seal it in, get a couple of glass suction cups thingys and get a buddy to help test install it to make sure it fits, i.e.. correct curve.
I say this because back it 2014 when my car was repainted, the shop had a glass company do the new glass. It took 6 windshields to get one that would fit. These were NOT concours quality I'll admit, but honestly, 6 windshields just to get one that was good! Chinese sh*t again I guess.
Anyway, just check before you fit to be sure. As for sealing, yes, the guys used caulking gun tube type sealant.
Thanks guys for your advice and especially for checking fitment first. I appreciate it and will let everyone know how it goes. It will probably be this weekend before I can get a chance to do the fitment test and hopefully installation, if anyone else has any helpful advice, I will be watching for it.