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Project manager "Project AmsterFoose"
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Nov 7, 2013
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands
My Car
1973 Mustang Grande 351C 2V, built on the very last production day (July 6, 1973) for Grande's.
Well, today marks the start of something scary; I’m taking my 73 Grandé apart to make it better.

The goals:

1) Improved reliability

2) Driving without checking the weather forecast

3) Increased power

4) Better looks (back to original color amongst other things)

I have many ideas, but you’ll have to wait and see :)

This was the car in its glory days:


Today I started by removing the fuel tank. I don’t want it near me when I’m going to weld in a new taillight panel...



The inside seems totally rust free so I’m keeping it to restore.

I did find this on the inside, what is it?


And I believe this should have been filled with a foam pad?


More fun tomorrow :)

PS: the project name is what Fabrice called me after we’d discussed my plans. I think it’s funny :)
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There should have been a filter screen on the end of the pick up tube for the fuel. That piece might be the old filter. Yes the vent should have had some material in it. You can use foam for a small engine air filter or some stainless steel scrubber pad. It was to keep liquid out of the vapor line.

Don't let the snow ball get so big you never finish your project. Keep telling yourself what your goal is. Fix what needs fixing and do not put too much time in things you cannot see or things that will not make the car better.

Keep posting those pics.

Thanks for all the advice. I am only goingto tackle one bit at a time. The plan is to strip the car and to have it dipped which is expensive and then rebuild it. But I’m now done investing in tools and my garage so I can focus on saving for dipping. I really really really want to end up with a Grandé that feels and can be used as a modern car but still is clearly a 73.

It feels good to finally do with my car what I bought it for :)

Sounds like you have a plan Vinnie. What is the price for dipping in Holland? Plenty of updates and pictures will be welcome.
I do have a plan, and time, which is good coz it’s a 10 year plan hahaha

Dipping a 7123 body was estimated between 4-5K but prolly closer to 5. That’s euros.

So today I checked the tank out. Inside is sparkling, outside will need a little love so I reckon it’s a keeper. I bagged everyting for later.

Then had a look underneath. Trunk floor looks OK. These flaps that the exhaust hangs off would not have lasted much longer though:


I also saw I have both towing attachments that were mentioned in another thread recently:


Next up is removing the bumper etc to get access to the taillight panel I wanna replace.

Good luck, looking forward to the progress. Started mine in 2006, 13yrs later and I’m still not done. Ryan

I'm 8 years in to my restoration and not even close to being done. Wanted to be done by time I turned 50. I turned 50 a month ago.  :-/

Good luck with your restoration.


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I been at mine 3 years this March. The engine and engine bay done plus trunk and underside so far. Hope to get heater-A/C done this year along with the dash and the interior shell stripped and painted plus interior green trim sprayed.

Thanks again guys. It's funny coz everybody over here asks me how long it will take and I say "10 years prolly" and then they laugh and think I'm joking but really I'm not.

Today I heard my flat hood is ready. I wasn't 100% satisfied with the vinegar-in-hood method so I had it dipped (same treatment I'm planning for the whole body, this will be a good test). I'll be picking it up in 3.5 weeks though, need to arrange transport. We don't drive the big trucks around over here like most of you do in the states. Anyway, word has it the hood looks pretty good with only one hole in the bottom pass. side front corner. That's where water collects in them, they should've made a drip hole there perhaps...

Yeah, and then they also laugh because they think you'll never get it done. Stick to your guns and go through with it!

I'm doing this a second time around because the first time there were very little resources, knowledge, my money that everybody wanted for services LOL.

Parts situation has vastly improved and this time I have a body man who knows what he's doing. So this time she's going to get what she deserves, not leaving anything behind! Be aware of most Scott Drake reproductions, rather go with Carpenter or original!

Two weeks gone by and spent 15 minutes on the Mustang’s fuel tank with a wire brush wheel to see how bad the outside rust is. It’s not bad at all so that’s good.

10 days ago, myself and 2 others became the board of our units association, kinda like home owners but for our garage units. It’s been using up all my garage time so far. Was at my garage 2 days and only managed to create a small removable workbench at the front of my shop and do emergency repair of my vacume cleaner and grind the tank a little bit:


Don’t know how much I’ll get done the next two weeks but I AM going to pick up my triple dipped hood then! Can’t wait to see how that has turned out :)

Time to get busy, fellas.  It 'only' took me 4 years of weekends to get mine 'almost' done.

From this:


To this:


Then again... I guess I'm not really 'done' yet, either.   rofl


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