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(SOLD) 1973 Mach 1 Tribute Convertible


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Mar 7, 2013
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New Jersey
My Car
1973 Mustang Convertible (Mach I Tribute)
Final lowered price $20,000. 
Link for additional pics.


Looking to sell my 1973 Mustang Mach I (Tribute) Convertible (Ford never built a Mach I Convertible).


I’m the 4th owner with documentation going back to the 3rd, 2nd and 1st owner including build sheet, invoice and photocopy of the original California license plate. I bought her in Feb 2013 with 144,328 on the dash and now with 152,351. Within that time, new front and rear suspension. Electronic ignition, Upgraded to new Magnums with 225/60/15 Goodyear tires. 302 Engine and C4 tranny completely rebuilt May 2015 (147,931). Swapped out the 2bbl with new intake and 4 bbl 600cfm Holley card. New front and rear spoiler. Done a number of minor changes/upgrades ie: 3 piece molding trim around the base of the convertible top, New upper and lower trim on the rear honeycomb grill, 15” Grant steering wheel, added hidden Ravelco for security, New dash pad. I also have the original valve covers and air filter should you want to put them back on. Door buzzer with key in ignition still works when opening door. All lights and gauges work. Undercarriage is clean, dry and rust free including no rust on body panels. Has Competition Suspension (Staggered Shocks and Rear Sway Bar) and Dual Exhaust. Updated foam for front bucket seats. 
The Mustang is fully loaded, PS, PB (Disc front), PW, Power Top, Tilt steering wheel, Intermittent Wipers, AC/ (changed to R134a), has full Mach I instrumentation with 3 gauge package with Tach. Boot cover. Original space saver spare with refill bottle. 2nd invoice pic is repo after restoration with some options added to Mustang.


As far as I know it has at least 1 repaint.


With the Mustang being 48 years old it’s not new and has a few quirks about her. Tach works but sometimes sticks. So you need to tap the bottom of the gauge trim for it to move, then it’s ok. All power windows work, both up and down. But rear driver’s side doesn’t come up completely. It’s about ½ inch short from being fully up; so I just pull it up and it’s fine. The turn signals don’t always auto shut off, so you need to manually move the lever. The dash lights are low which is a common problem with these models. The lights can be swapped out for brighter ones.


For being 48 years old it’s in very good condition. Mustang has been in a garage environment since 1988.


I’ve described her as best as can. Mustang is being sold as is with no expressed warranty implied.


Please reach out to me with any questions, or if you want to see any more pics. 
Local inspection is welcome. Buyer pays for shipping to your location.


I have a clear title in hand. Will accept cash, wire transfers or bank checks (once verified).


Mustang for sale is being cross-posted and located in Waretown, New Jersey.

Insured with Grundy Insurance for $28,000.

Must be fully paid for within 72 hours of agreed price to purchase.


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