Vert stainless windshield cap?

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Sep 17, 2014
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1973 Red conv 302
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Well I’m not so sure of the correct name but it is the two piece, stainless cap over the windshield that the top should seal to on my 73 vert.
My question is how is it held in place? I’d rather ask then bend up some bright work.
I seem to be having a leak at the joint and noticed the gap and I’m afraid it’s rust and rot pushing the left side up.
Thanks for any input, let me know if I need to add anything



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I’m not exactly sure but I seem to remember it being referred to as the windshield header trim (?) There have been many posts on the site addressing issues in this area and how to seal it by a long time site member. I would try doing a search on the forum to see if you can pull up some of them. I haven’t taken the trim off of my car so can’t help with that. Good luck !
Thanks JimB73, I didn’t find what I was looking in the search so I figured I didn’t know what I was searching for 😂 I’ll give windshield header a shot, thanks again.
I just went through this process. You have to start by removing the vertical plastic inside covers on the A pillars, then unscrewing and removing the silver, metal powder-coated pieces which are facing downward on the inside above the visors (be sure to remove the sun visor retaining bracket in the middle as well) . Once all these are removed you'll see the screws that hold the stainless header pieces above. Now, you should notice that the black weather/tack strip that was mounted in the powder-coated pieces has disintegrated into some nasty black goo that needs to be peeled away and replaced by new stripping, such as KEE Auto Top Convertible Front Tack Strip Mustang Convertible 1965-1973. Once you replace that strip then your leaks should be resolved.
Thanks @ssiegel4 , might tackle this over the weekend. @JimB73 was right and I found some good info searching “windshield header”
Thanks all 👍

Yup, nice-n-gooey. Got it cleaned up with acetone. I decided to try this Frost King product, says it will fill the gap and be “watertight“, we’ll see 🤞
This is fresh cut, it expanded to 1”x1”, looks like it will cover the original footprint.
Finally got the weather strip installed. I’m rather happy with the coverage and expansion. I was afraid it would be difficult reinstalling the bright work if it expanded to fast but it went well. I used “duct seal compound “ around the studs, we use it at work, it’s a sticky clay like compound for sealing around conduit, stays put and plyable. A nice rope around the stud squeezed out when tightening filling all of the voids.
I can finally wash my baby😁 3B5E08F0-F6A9-4D52-852C-08556B7182F2.jpeg3EC0232E-FF10-4DF9-ACC9-EDD323D8A50C.jpeg8EC15AAA-D991-4493-A887-46CB894D23DF.jpeg1358E9A9-95AE-4616-8CE0-8DE721E2775B.jpegimage.jpg
Finally got the visors and interior header trim back in. I found a bad silver/grey paint on the trim so I stripped it and shot it with a nice semi gloss that I think ties in with the A post trim and sets off the visor mounts after they got the 0000 steel wool treatment. Funny, I didn’t notice that sunset until I reviewed the pics🤣🤣0FEEDB55-B288-4973-9456-FDE9EB7D914C.jpeg73590EFE-CA06-48C1-A09D-BFA4CCCCD3A3.jpegDD5EB5E4-E0DF-4D16-90D7-A8D2DF2F638E.jpeg
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Yup, nice-n-gooey. Got it cleaned up with acetone. I decided to try this Frost King product, says it will fill the gap and be “watertight“, we’ll see 🤞
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This is fresh cut, it expanded to 1”x1”, looks like it will cover the original footprint.
I am curious how easy it was to un do the bolts on the underside? Mine look really rusty. I have a lot of wind noise up there so I probably need to do exactly what you just did!
I really didn’t have any problems. Mine wasn’t leaking to bad I guess, no real rust to speak of. The nuts came off of the studs real nice. The fun part is finding the screw behind the side window seal. Once you get the nuts off the stainless header will slide up and off of the vertical stainless trim on the sides of the windshield. When it goes back together, that frost king seal worked really nice, highly recommend it although I haven’t gotten the car wet yet🤔FE825E42-3AA4-44C6-BEA9-B95B5B364BC8.jpeg3CF254E7-A79F-4456-9B12-B84C7B907CBE.jpeg5BEC9A60-8A7E-4319-AED3-46F7ADBEA79D.jpeg
It's been a while and I can report no leaks when washing the car. 👍
Mine was different when I did it, there was a foam seal on line with the bolt holes, it was about 1/4 inch thick. The channel immediately above the glass is pretty open, like a canyon…I made sure that was sealing, and added some strip caulk on the outer edges… a driving rain at 55, I had a small drip. In the center, at the stainless seam where it meets the top sealing gasket so not a bad leak…