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I was glad to spend a few months down under, as it will give you a good feel for what a meter is driving.

Small update: After impersonating a welder and then a carpenter I am now a sparky, dealing with the electrical side of things starting with putting up 4 LED bars. Man do those things light up the place! And they're incredibly thin, not even an inch!

Next is bringing power to the back and creating a small workbench. Almost finished! :)

So summer has started and construction in my garage has ended. Here’s a few pics showing the current state of affairs.

Looking in:






Further left:


The beast:


Working area and stairs:




Storage for parts and tools:


Desk for electronic or more precise jobs:


That’s this winter’s achievement. I’m putting a blog together showing all the stages. Will post the link when done so people can check it out when they’re bored to death ;-)

Great job you've done especially upstairs

Would be a great spot to get away from the wife but a bit worried about sitting in that chair after a few beers under the belt!

I still need to make a fence there, same around the stairs but now is the time to start using the car a bit more. I can work on the garage some more in the winter.

And no worries about beers, I don’t drink and drive ;-)

I created a small attic to store light stuff that take up a lot of space. Very easy to do but also very good to have.

And it's easy to expand 3 beams at a time. So when I need more storage I'm just gonna buy a little more wood and there you go :)

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This weekend I tried to learn mig welding. These are my first few steps:



I bought a cheap machine, it welds fine and quality is good but it did not come with a diagram explaining what power and wire speed to use so figuring that out was a bit of a challenge.

The heat and speed you need to use will come with practice. You'll look at what you want to weld and at least know approximately what settings to start at.

Practice welding two pieaces together, butt welded, overlapped and perpendicular. Start with pieces that are the same size and then different thicknesses. Try to break them apart, to see iff you're getting good penetration and where the failure occurs. If they don't easily break apart cut them perpendicular to the weld to see how the penetration is.

Try different techniques like a fillet weld and then the same configuration but chamfer the edges.

If you're like me, and don't weld very often, it's a good idea to run a couple of practice beads to check out yourself and the equipment.

Some of your beads look pretty good, for just starting.

@Don C resumed pretty well

Looking good!!

The hard part is getting started and dare to bring that torch on your mustang.

You're just few cm's of wire away from doing that!

[Nice shoes Vinnie]

+1 welding in style! :D

Garage update!

I have done almost nothing on my car the past months for several reasons. One of them is that I am extending the floor in my garage. Because the garagedoor slides all the way up I initially couldn't build the floor against the front wall, have a look:

1715882195621.png 1715882277206.png

It's hard to believe with so much space already, but I need more! So in order to extend my floor all the way to the front I had to make the door go underneath like so:

1715882407540.png 1715882499390.png

The result:


So, all the above, I had done 2 summers ago already. Then I had to save some $$$ to continue on the floor, I was in no rush, happily welding away on the Mustang :cool:

Recently though I have continued on the metal work needed for this extension.

First delivery of steel:

1715882912714.png 1715882972313.png

All that was turned into 2 tall poles and 2 shorties:

1715883076849.png 1715883113575.png

The large poles now stand at the front:


And the shorties on top of the current floor:

1715883260243.png 1715883326979.png

So now it's time to order some timber!

To be continued...

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