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Aug 16, 2011
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Palm Bay, FL
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1973 Mach 1 - Wimbledon White
I am hoping someone can answer my father's question here about my Mach 1. He wrote:

"In the 1st pic in the dash behind the speedometer cluster at the top of the pic are three cut wires 2 black and 1 tan with white. I found the plug in the 2nd pic in a bag that came in the trunk of the car. Colors and wire size are the same, don’t know what it goes to."

This is a factory tach car. Any thoughts would be appreciated.



Checked my diagrams, even a colored.one and cant find it. I to have that pigtail under the dash. Its unhooked. it looks like that brown wire has a white stripe. Are there any other colored dashes or stripes on the black wires?

The second picture is a plug for the tail-lights: either from the tail-light harness, or from the main underdash harness.

For the first picture, what year Mach 1 is this from? My guess is that this is emissions-related, carb solenoid?

The plug goes to the cut wires, which goes to the speed sensor on the 73 speedometer cable

Should also be a brown plug with 2 wires 1 red w/ yellow and 1 blk w / yellow

That harness Tag number D3ZB-12K454-DA was only used in 73's

It was part of the harness that runs to the red emmision / idle box and to the temp sensor in the RH door jamb.


Hello fellow enthusiasts. Working out the electrical components in my 72 mach 1 and was hoping to get some assistance. Fortunately the pack rats didnt do too much damage at the previous owners residence. Image 6445 and 6446 is directly behind the gauge cluster and I cant seem to find where it plugs into. Both wires are black w/ a blue stripe.
Image 6423 is an orange wire behind the glove box.
Last item image 6424 is on the drivers side right behind the kick panel


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The two wire back/blue is your optional underdash courtesy lamp. Orange wire doesn't look factory; I don't recall seeing one that far over. The red two pin male/female may be for the a lamp in and around the steering wheel (heater control??) but can't be certain as I cannot determine the wire colors. If blue/red and black, then it is for a lamp.
Ok- So I was able to take some more pics to help. Does any one know what goes to these three connectors located above glove compartment (Image 6557)? Ive attached other pics to show the wire colors.
I took another photo of the orange wire w/ black stripe that the packrat chewed through(Image 6555). Here you can see where it connects to(This is in the front passenger side of vehicle).


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