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73 vert on Counting Cars


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Counting Cars is on right now and they just bought a 73 convertible to rebuild!:D

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wow 3 threads as soon as it came up lol


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If you missed the show here is a link to it online. The 73 convert starts at about 7:35 on the counter.



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The first few minutes of today's episode shows several shots of a silver/pewter vert with black top. It has Cougar tail lamps, a sculpted rear spoiler and the blacked out Tutone hood treatment was split down the middle with a 3 or 4" body color section.


The car looked great. Anyone else see it?


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Think that may be an old episode......I recall seeing that car on the show almost a year ago.





73 Convertible 302-4v-3spd yellow /white int


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It was a new episode last night. Perhaps the car is still there in his shop or this episode was filmed shortly after the previous one where the car was a part of the show. It's hard to tell when something was filmed and how long before it was aired.


Counting Cars is my favorite car show. They do really nice work.


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Yeah - older episode (2013, I think), and I also think he kept the car.



yes he did keep the car after restoring it.

it started life off as a Light Blue with White convective top.


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I just watched the episodes from Tuesday evening last night, and in the opening of the first episode, they were all standing around the car talking about restoring a '79 Z-28.


Yup - he definitely did keep it. Smart man ;)


I don't really care for the flairs, and I wish they would've done the TuTone either correct, or at least "more correct than they did" with the split down the middle - would've looked better, IMHO. Oh well - his car.



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Caught the episode today I had it DVRed from a couple weeks ago.


I dont like the fender flares but I liked the tail lights and the molded

shelby type rear spoiler!






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My sentiments exactly. I wish Ford would've carried the '69-'70 "duck tail" spoiler on to the '71-'73s, in some kind of capacity. I like the molded-in look better than the wing. If I ever get a 'vert, I'll probably graft-in something similar, but continue through the end caps - I don't like how it just stops at the trunk.


I'm also trying to like those mirrors, but just can't get there. I just like our optional "racing mirrors" a LOT better.


Still a cool car - I hope he takes it out on some of his trips to find more cars, so it can get some more air time. ::thumb::



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