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71 Convertible radiator core support


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Could someone advise if the 1971-73 radiator core supports are all the same? I seem to find some sellers quoting that their parts are only for the FB and coupé, not the convertible. Others don’t mention anything specific. Can anyone recommend a good quality replacement Brand?

Many thanks,


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Ford did have a different core support for the convertible body style, I suspect it was a heavier gauge material to help with cowl shake. Unfortunately, it was discontinued and only the coupe/sportsroof remained until it was also discontinued. Dimensionally, the reproductions will fit fine. 

If the only rot you have in the support is those lower corners, then I'd simply repair what you have. 



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Ok, sounds good. The only rot  is in those lower corners, although the steel seems very flimsy around that area.. I will make a few cuts and see   If the rest is good. 
i could also use some advice on the floor pans. From the pictures attached, all four corners have a few holes in them and I ordered some replacement sections. Would you recommend I just cut out and patch the holes with new sections or replace the complete left and right side in one complete section? 

also,  there is corrosion below both control arms . Would it best to remove those small sections and replace with a U section or stabilise the rust and then weld in a patch?  I Don’t want to weaken the area unnecessarily . 
thank you !442A0637-726E-4819-B7EC-EA4E665677CE.jpeg.f503e00ec9c79920642aff33baddfab1.jpeg









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Too late now but I just last week took sawsall and cut that piece out of a convertible so we could drill the spot welds in the front cross member. 
If that is rusty I am betting the front cross member that holds the radius rods is also bad. 
On the rusty floors. The rust does not come from under the car is comes from inside. If you check the cowl, panel below the windshield that the heater hooks to, you will find rust holes. This lets water get into the front floors and rust them. Since you have a vert probably top leaks rusted the rear out. They do not have a true convertible floor replacement. The side flanges go the opposite way on convertible and also different seat pans and there are extra panels under the car to add strength. It is usually faster and easier to install a full floor pan instead of doing patches.  You will have to reuse some of your old floor new does not have all the brackets. This is cross member we just cut out. Front is trash now.




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Thanks. And yes, there is some rust on the cowI around the area where the heater box mounts to it but it’s not too bad. The cross member is solid though and so are the radius mounts  so all in all I don’t think it’s too bad. The floors are corroded in some areas but the additional sections, both top and bottom where the seats mount are in excellent condition. Thanks for your advice!! 
Maybe I should have asked someone on is forum of a 71 convertible in good condition was for sale before I bought mine! I recall you  mentioning that you owned several convertibles as they can be found real cheap.  

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