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Paul of MO

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Jul 2, 2011
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I have a complete 71 convertible for parts. Currently I have sold nothing. I also have some doubles of many things.

Let me know what you need and I will pull it and send it your way - all reasonable offers will be accepted with shipping at actual cost.

I will send pictures first to make certian that what you need is what I am sending.

I promise no drama!

We need them gone and want them to go to someone in this group.

Big stuff can be picked up if you want to drive to the St Louis area.

Rust free 71 Nasa hood with factory hood locks includes the core support brackets
1 set rust free doors
Rust free trunk lid
Aftermarket 1/4 patch panel
Aftermarket full floor and tail light panel
Complete top frame with good handles.
Crudy but complete full console
Crudy but no speaker holes rear seat panels
Better but speaker hole cut rear seat panels

I have an incomplete set of decor group lower trim pieces that divide the color from the lower black out. (Not the common body side moldings)

71 engine frame perches for convertibles and ram air cars.

Rear sway bar set up / larger front sway bar
Staggered shock plates. I can cut out the staggered shock frame piece if someone really wants it.

Seat platforms can also be removed. Not perfect but not rusted out.

I also have a few sets of 73 only captive motor mounts.

I should have at least one of everthing else.

I do not mind pulling the little odds and ends that can be so hard to find.

If someone wants to buy the leftovers and shell with a good title in my name just let me know. The rear leaf springs came up through the floor so it does not roll.

It was a ram air / M code / C6 auto car.

The 4V engine and ram air ended up in the 73 convertible we are just finishing up. FUN!

Thanks so much!

Paul Wheeler
Augusta Mo
"Paul of Mo"
I'm looking for the smaller rear convertible window crank handles, with knobs
Pics and prices on NASA hood and m code vert body
Pics and prices on NASA hood and m code vert body
I'm looking for the smaller rear convertible window crank handles, with knobs intact.

These are the shorter handles and have good chrome. The nylon knobs have crumbled away.

$30 total for the 2 and that includes shipping.
I could use a nice set of deluxe black seat belts and the seat belt warning light
I could use a nice set of deluxe black seat belts and the seat belt warning light
Sorry, do not have those. Tried to very carefully remove the warning light and it just crumbled to dust.


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Here is a pick of the window cranks.


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I’m interested, give me a price on both ....thx

$500.00 for the hood. $1500.00 for everthing including the hood. All of my collected parts along with a clean title in my name. Includes numbers matching c6. No engine or rear-end.

Sorry, but you must pick up the hood in person.

I'm interested in a pair of the 73 captive motor mounts for my 73 Q-code Vert if they'll fit. I know there's been a lot of posts about how to modify different mounts to work for this special 73 year and for the coupe/fastback or the convertible frames...way over my head. Thanks, Bob
I agree! We always used the 71 or 72 frame mounts and then use the readily available and cheap old style motor mounts.

It is getting harder to find those though.

I have 2 sets. 1 from a 73 H code Mustang. The other is from a 73 Q code Torino. They look almost identical. I was trying to see if the Torino set would lower the engine so we could use a different intake.

Bad news is I did not mark which set was which so I will just send you both. $100.00

The rubber looks good so they may not have to be rebuilt.

And or,

I have one set of 1971 convertible frame mounts. $100 for those and then you can just use the easy to find non captive mounts.

Hope all is well and thanks!

Paul Wheeler
I'd be interested in the rear interior quarters if they aren't crumbly from UV damage.
The ones that do not have speaker holes are not real bad but there are scratches where they are flakey.

The ones with the speaker holes of course are mutch better. They did a real nice job with the holes.



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Rear sway bar and staggered shock set up has a new home. Sold locally and got to meet a fellow member. That was fun!

Also sold the 3.25 locking rear complete axel that I did not plan on selling. Managed to horse it into the back of his SUV.


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