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14 hours ago, edbudrovic said:

was a tach stock on mach 1's?

Here's what came stock on the Mach 1



  • SportsRoof body style with unique "05" VIN code & "63R" body code on door tag
  • Color-keyed urethane front "spoiler" bumper & front fender and hood trim
  • Honeycomb grille in black w/sportlamps
  • Argent or black "Mach 1 – MUSTANG" decals on fenders
  • Argent or black stripe and "Mach 1" decal on the trunklid
  • Argent or black lower body accent paint
  • Bright trim at lower body paint line
  • E70-14 white sidewall tires w/ hub caps & trim rings on 7" wide steel wheels
  • Color-keyed dual racing mirror w/driver side remote
  • Honeycomb taillight panel applique with bright trim
  • Unique pop open gas cap
  • F-code 302-2V engine w/3 speed manual transmission
  • Competition Suspension (HD springs & shocks), variable quick-ratio steering box if ordered with P/S
  • Base Mustang vinyl interior
  • Flat hood – the NACA scooped hood was a no-cost OPTION for the base engine







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