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I've had really good luck with National Parts Depot so when I ordered the "Econo Fuel Tank Kit" (tank, sender, filler pipe, straps, fittings and gaskets) back in mid-April I expected it to arrive within a week.  Things happen and it slipped my mind until this Monday so I went to check my order's tracking status:  nothing there!  Being o'dark-thirty on Monday morning, I sent NPD Customer Service a note to inquire as to the status of my order.  I thought it would come from their California location (I'm in CA) but maybe it had to come from a different depot so I could sort of understand a long trip across country by ground taking longer than expected.

Anyway, I got a response from Travis C later that day apologizing for the delay; he'd been really sick with Covid and was just now getting back into the office and straightening out all the pending orders.  My order had been tied up because of something about the straps that arrived with the tank so he swapped those for a better set of straps, packaged it all up and put it to go out the next day (Tuesday) with delivery on Thursday.

Every time there's been a snag, Customer Service at NPD really steps up.

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I live in Michigan and the NPD is 30 minutes from my house. I bought a ton of parts from them without any issues. I have had few items that I did not end up needing and they took them back with no problem.



John J

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They have been great in the south in Charlotte also. I ordered the lower control arms and they were different than what I took off my car. I complained and they answered the next day with a picture of a 1973 Cougar they have in house with a few hundred miles and the arm matched the one shipped. I got odd ball of course from factory. I ordered the paint for the sports wheel covers they said was right but was not. They offered more paint for free but I did not have time.

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