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4 Speed Shifter Linkage Adjustment

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I recently replaced my z bar and several clutch linkage bushings. All went well and the clutch works great.

I want to move on to the shifter linkage. I have no immediate issues, but I would like to go to the process of learning how to adjust the linkage to factory setup.

I checked the bushings on the shifter rods, and from what I can see they look okay without a ton of play. I may end up replacing them anyway, but for the moment I don't think they are an issue.


What I'd like to know is does the following alignment recommendation from the Hearst website apply to Ford Mustang 4 speed transmissions?

I believe Ford developed their own linkage for the Hurst tranny so I just want to verify if the procedure below applies or if there is an alternate for our cars?


"There is a 1/4 inch hole at the bottom of the Hurst mechanism that runs through all three levers. This is called the neutral alignment hole. To ensure proper adjustment, run the shifter from first into second and then back to neutral. Insert the neutral alignment pin (or a 1/4 inch drill bit) into the neutral alignment hole. If the 1-2 lever interferes with the smooth insertion of the alignment pin, remove the 1-2 linkage rod from the shifter and thread the adjuster button either in or out to eliminate the interference. Repeat this procedure with the 3-4 lever and reverse. To adjust the stop bolts, back the bolts out of the shifter frame until only a few threads remain. Push the stick firmly into third gear and hold. Screw in the stop bolt until contact is made. Release the stick and back the stop bolt out one turn and tighten the jamnut. Push the stick into fourth gear and repeat the procedure."






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It is fundamentally the same process. I don't think the OEM "Hurst shifter has stop bolts. I may be wrong. Chuck

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Process is similar, you just need to loosen the nuts on the linkage arms. There are no stop bolts on the 70-73 Ford/Hurst shifter. NPD sells the replacement linkage bushings if you need them, which most do. 





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This is done! Not hard at all. I also cleaned up the linkage box with some brake cleaner. Shifts feel great! I'm still going to do the linkage bushings, will order soon.

Two questions came out of this small project:

1. How do you get the linkage arms out of the bushings? I pryed one of them a bit with a screwdriver and could not get it to budge. Pry harder?

2. I have a little bit of weeping out of the 3/4 linkage. You can't tell in the attached picture because I cleaned it up. Is there a gasket under there? If I remove that bolt is transmission fluid going to come pouring out? Any way to stop the weeping?




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The Ford manual shows a special plier-type tool to install the bushings. I use a socket and bench vise, but that's not practical for on the car use. A small C-clamp with the socket should do the trick for the shifter. You can do the shift arms on the bench. 

The shift shafts have an o-ring to seal them against the case. Only way to change them is to disassemble the transmission. 

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