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1971 Parts for sale or trade


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Feb 28, 2011
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My Car
1971 Mach 1
2000 F250-SD
2001 H-D FLTR
2004 GMC Denali
I have a few items that I am interested in selling or trading. Please let me know if I have misidentified anything. Willing to sell, trade, trade plus cash.

1. Air filter and heat riser.  Sand blasted, painted blue.  $100 SOLD

2. 351C 2V exhaust manifolds. $100 SOLD

3. C6 kickdown rod. $40

4. C6 lock out rod. $40

5. C6 transmission shift rod. D1ZA -7340-BA $40

6. Pedal hanger assembly. Power brake, auto trans. $25

7. Brake pedal. Power brake, auto trans, dated 1971. surface rust, needs to be cleaned up. $40

8. Brake pedal. Power brake, auto trans, dated 1972. Cleaned and painted. $50 SOLD

9. Steering column, non tilt. Missing ignition switch, key tumbler. $150  SOLD

I'm happy to provide photos, part numbers, and any additional information you need.

Items I am looking for.

1. Reverse lockout rod for four speed toploader.

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