Add Ford kick down to Holley HP carb 80528

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Sep 30, 2010
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Mustang, OK.
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I wanted the kick down function on the Mach1. I used Holley PN 20-49-1, Throttle Shaft Kit (now out of production) I found on ePay. The kit comes with the kick down screw, retainer, return spring, bracket, and screw. It is a relatively straight forward swap. The only part that can be tricky is re-centering the throttle blades in the baseplate bores. Just do one at a time cycling to and from WOT with the idle screw not touching the stop. I re-adjusted the idle speed and done. I'm now waiting to get a custom kick down rod from He said it would be after May15, 2024. I'm posting this in case someone else can use the information in the future. Chuck

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