**HELP** Grinding noise from the rear driver-side wheel area


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Doesn't take much when you combine the speed things bouncing off the roadway with the physics of things, every action....... Stranger things have found their way into openings in the underside of cars, even reaching the inside of a brake drum like you have. Things have even made their way in through the adjustment slot if the plug is missing. Although, never seen a nut unless it just happened to bounce into the drum before you started setting it in place. Wouldn't have bound up the drum going on since the brake shoes are front and back sides with the opening at the bottom. Makes a good argument for a rear disc conversion. Very interesting.
I was thinking it has been lodged in there for awhile, "somehow" since the last time the drum was off and just now finally bounced around enough to make noise. That seems allot more plausible than any other possibility. I honestly can't explain it..... very, very strange.