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The Mechanic

Oct 12, 2023
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Hudson NY
My Car
72 Mustang Mach1
My name is Alan. I have been turning wrenches on a sweet '72 Mach 1 these past couple of months. It is owned by my friend dmitrywild and he is a member here.Working on the Mach 1 has been quite fun.
I grew up with a mechanic dad and was always watching/helping him out.Once I started driving I had to start fixing. I've owned and worked on many old cars. Didn't have a much money. My teens and 20's I had a couple favorite junkyards i'd frequent. I miss those days.
I don't own a 71-73 Mustang but if I did I would want it to look like the original Eleanor.
I joined because I'm sure I'll have questions and I also wanted to check out some Mustangs!
Welcome from Ohio. Nice to see you helping your friend on his car. And I can guaranty you that if you hang around here for any length of time you will end up owning one.

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