I finally found my home!


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Welcome from NE Tennessee. Nice looking car. The hood is fine. Not factory, but if you're happy with it, then it's fine. As far as clear coating the side stripes, check with the decal manufacturer. I know that the instructions for my stripes specifically say, don't clear coat.
Welcome from Germany 🤗

Hope you get back your car soon and the work they have done is good though! Like the color! I would not paint the stripes, clear coat could get chipped off over the years. If garage kept you should not have any problems with discoloration or anything on them...
Welcome from West Texas!

CONGRATULATIONS! I LOVE the paint, the stance, and just about everything about it. Can't wait til you get it back home and finish putting it all back together. I also fell in love with these cars back in the '80s - first documented case when I was 14.

Are you planning on sticking with those wheels, or going with something different? I ask, because I had a similar set-up on mine with 15x8 & 15x10 Cragar S/Ss, and the 4" back spacing had the rears sticking out of the fenders as well. Eventually, I got tired of them rubbing when the suspension would cycle, and got some custom-made S/Ss w/5.25" back spacing and now they tuck just enough not to rub. I also love that style of rim - I just tossed a set of Pro Comp 69s on my Jeep CJ-7, as a matter of fact.

Oh, and my hood black-out is set-back too far and clear coated as well. I wish the folks who made the stencil would adjust the measurements, because it seems like painters these days don't read instructions, nor do they tend to put the hood nose trim pieces on before they paint (or rear corners, or mirrors, etc.). I agree that clearing the stripes is probably not necessary, unless it's going to be living outside.

Good luck with it all! You have indeed come to the right place.
I say this because, as many of you I love 1971 to 1973 mustangs!
I have been in love with them since I was 10 years old. I remember walking around the block with my older cousin and seeing our neighbors "car lot" ... big Ford guy, three 1971 to 1973 fastback cars. All for sale. Real small town so he would sometimes sell one and later buy it back. I saw this all black 1971 mach 1 numbers matching M code beast, with stock AC stock Power windows slotted mags 15X8 in the front and 15X10 in the back. My cousin was teasing me saying he was going to buy it.
At that moment I started on a plan, six years later the Ford guy had purchased the car back from his son and had it on the "lot" again. And I bought it!!! I have regretted many things in my fifty years.... but never have I regretted Purchasing the love of my life. It hasn't always been pretty, like when at 20 with little to no skill I attempted to restore her, disassembly went quick, that will happen when you don't mark ANYTHING!! lost some parts ruined others during the process. Stored for 9 years with out hardly even looking at her.(had I spent as much money fixing her as storing her she would be winning 🏆 already)
Got married boughtba house and brought her home and it is more difficult to ignore her when you see her every day.
Got to work put every thing back together got her running real good. Then took it down to what I thought was a reputable paint and body shop, I (bad idea) told the manager I was in no bih hurry, I just wanted a good job. This started a FOUR YEAR odyssey of lies, excuses, lost parts, and of course $$$ but finally.... they are almost done. You can see in the pic that the previous owner put a 1969 mach 1 scoop centered and behind the two other small scoops. I have always loved the look of it so I opted to keep it.
Also in the pics you can see the front hood trim is missing, one of three parts lost by the shop.
I am not a religious man, but please pray for my car to actually come out of the shop!!
I apologize for the long post, but 34 years of ownership gets me that I hope.
Thanks for listening
Welcome from Reno, Nevada. You have a beautiful Mustang. I hope her missing parts find their way back to your “love” and she finds her way back to you from the shop! 🤞
Wow, I just saw this thread while searching for another one and I was curious if you have any updates on the car? I hope it is home and back together.... Not gonna lie, I dig the hood scoop! Please update.
Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Got real busy.
The 71 is running strong and turning heads. Now time for suspension refurbishment and possibly a gear vendor ( keep the C-6 and get higher top end and lower RPM at highway speeds.
Thanks for the encouragement guys!! I love this site!
Came out after some rain to this!
Didn't want to go to work that day!


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