I need a new PS pump.


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There were 2 separate suppliers of PS pumps for Ford for several years: one had a teal paint and the other had semi-gloss black.
That's kinda what I thought. There were often two (or more) suppliers per product. That ensured no supply problems on the line.
I'm PDS mine was always black.
I have a leaking box. Sounds like PowerSteering.com is the place to send it to??
A few days ago, I was researching the correct color for the reservoir. I came up with semi-gloss black. Oddly enough, one of the best sources for this sort of info said black while showing a picture of a pump having a blue reservoir. I noticed your blue housing and wonder if Ford installed both blue and black, from the factory? Do any of you know?

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I ended up doing a lot of research on the pump color for the 1971-1973 cars. I read every thread on every forum that I could find, plus any info that was on any website I could find. My conclusion is that you could have gotten one in either blue or black. It seems that there were at least 2 suppliers. At first I thought that they were all blue, and I even bought some of the PS blue paint sold by NPD, but after doing a lot of research, I figured out that it could be either blue or black, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason for it, seems that whatever was available was put in the car. When I pulled my PS pump I found that it was the OEM pump put in by Ford in 1971, it was definitely black, and it did not seem to have been painted before, so I left my new pump in the black it came in.
Continuing with this subject, I have discovered that my problem is only a small leak on the canister, not the shaft seal as I had thought. As I'm the curios type (often too curios) I'm going to pull it apart to clean, inspect and replace the seals. I now have a spare pump to "practice" on and with the help of a video or two I found (Google) and a very good post I found on "FE Power Forums", authored by 66Fairlane on April 29 2013, (I don't want to cause issues by posting the link) where he fully describes the process in stripping, cleaning and reassembly of these pumps. It gave me the basic knowledge I feel I need to go ahead and have some fun with it. There were some interesting thoughts on fixing the whine and what he ended up doing. It's worth finding and reading for those interested.
So for those who might be interested, I have pulled the spare pump apart, figured out what's what and put it back together again. Will it work, I have now idea unless I can get another pulley the right size. I'm thinking that when I pull the pump on the car, I'll swap out the canister, fill it with type F and see what happens. It seems to bench test okay, but that is with no fluid and just turning the shaft with a 3/8" Allen key (in the shaft open end).
I am also pretty sure I know why these whine and why the guy on the Eaton video, which is also on the NPD website, had more whine than before. He thought he was doing the right thing by surface grinding on of the two plates. He only took off .0005", 1/2 a thou. While I don't have a surface table or any other dead true flat surface to set the pump up on, I was able to get a very rough reading with a dial test indicator, that there is zero clearance between the "campack" and the top and bottom plates when assembled. This mean that the moving parts inside are in contact with the two plates, so without a sufficient film of fluid between them, you get noise.
On the one I'm playing with, I found that it was hard to rotate the shaft clockwise (the way it rotates in the car). It seemed to want to stick and obviously not a good thing. So then I remembered something the guy on the FE forum said and that was to add some steering pump lube and leak stop. (STP). So I removed the outer housing, added a small amount of STP to the campack, put it back together and presto, no more sticking. Obviously there is some resistance when the "slippers" are at the tightest point in the eccentric body, but I'm wondering if the STP is compatible with Type F ATF. It does say "compatible with ALL PS fluids and will stop leaks and whine. Hmm.
I may go into what I actually did in more detail along with pictures if there is interest. Time is short right now, so till later.............
An update to the above and a correction.
First, a correction. It was NOT STP I used, but Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak, which is also used to stop sticking and noise/whine.
I contacted Lucas and very quickly got a reply back to say that Lucas PS Stop Leak IS compatible with Ford Type F atf. That is great news. We can add Lucas PSSL without worry of any problems. They recommend mixing 50/50 and add as needed to stop leaks.
HOWEVER, that said I have serious doubts whether any Stop Leak product would work for any length of time at the sector shaft seals. Once the shaft is scored and corroded, only replacing or having the shaft hard chromed and re-ground will fix that problem.
STP was also contacted and wanted a pic of the bottle. I think they realized I was enquiring about another brand product. However, it would be interesting to find out if STP is also compatible with Type F atf. I may pursue that as well and report.
For my car, I think I'm going to first try the Stop Leak as it is just a small seep from the reservoir seal.
A Further Update:
I needed another pulley of the correct size, so I posted a want ad on Kijiji (in Canada). Low and behold, a few days later, a buddy of mine who has restored several Mustangs over the years and currently in process of dropping a Coyote motor in a 73 Vert, called me to say he has what I need. So, I went to see what he had.
I scored 2 complete pumps, but one was a 1970 and no good for the 71 other than the correct pulley, bracket with cooler mounting holes and maybe some internal parts. The other came with a complete 71 V/R PS box, hoses AND a cooler, which unfortunately may not be any good due to this entire system looking like it sat exposed to the weather for many years. I have it soaking in Evapo-Rust, so I'm hoping!!
The "deal" was that I swap out a pulley on the pump he removed from the Vert (302 motor), smaller pulley. This pump was known to be a reman and good. He wants to keep a spare for his B351. As a side project, I'm going to put a PS box together for him as well. The casting I got is unfortunately nfg, but the internals look good. The sector shaft has only minor corrosion at the seals area, so I'm having that touched up, (surfaced ground). I have a spare casting that is "usable" but not perfect, ok for a back up if needed.
So, now I have two complete working pumps and a few spare parts. As for adding the cooler, we'll have to see how it cleans up, it looks pretty bad right now.
I'll update as and when.