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Parts For Sale Mach 1 rear defrost setup and spare parts


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Apr 25, 2020
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My Car
73 Mach 1, Q code, 4 speed, fully optioned
Pictured is a Mach 1 rear defrost set up, includes all the wiring, switch with bezel, indicator light, relay etc., window terminal covers. 2 windows, one from a 73 and one from a 71/72 buyers choice. The 71/72 window has one of the soldered to grid wire leads missing, I think a lead could be re-soldered to it. The 73 uses 1/4" soldered on male spade terminals, both intact. The wiring harness setup is out of a 71/72 and would work on a 73 also via adapting over to 1/4" female spade terminals at the window connections. $250 plus shipping from NJ.
Spare items are shown in the second photo, working switch with bezel (rough chrome) $75, single window terminal cover $45, indicator light (not working) $10. Dash harness (cut wires) $10.
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