Rebulit engine what Hp/torque to expect

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Nov 18, 2016
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Mach 1 73 351c

Ive rebuilt my Engine and its running fine, Im gonna dyno later this autumn. What do you guys think is reasonable at the rear Wheels ?

Here are the specs, it would be intresting if somebody choosed the same cam.

351c std block new bearings, cleaned up etc. over 0.30 bored

2v iron heads homeported and polished, 3 angle valve job , elgin valves std size

The heads are milled to 67-68 cc for 9.5.1 compression

flat pistons, sealed power pistons with valve relifes

Refurbished  rods and crankshaft

Edelbrock Performer 2750 intake

Sniper Holley EFI

Long tube headders

2.5 inch exhaust H-pipe

MSD distribuitor with 6al box

ARP bolt on rods , heads ,etc

High flow water pump and high flow thermostat robert shaw

Howards Roller rockers with Crane studs, correct double springs and retainers from Howard

Crankshaft polished, and balanced with damper and flexplate

Camshaft Type: Hydraulic Flat Tappet

Duration Exhaust: 281

Duration Intake: 281

Duration at 050 Exhaust: 227

Duration at 050 Intake: 227

Intake Centerline: 104

Lobe Separation: 108

RPM Range: 2400 to 6000

Valve Lift Exhaust: .542

FMX transmission with stall 2500  3.5 rear gears

Anyone with a similar build that has dynoed ?

regards Rob

No answers yet. Seams you posted on the wrong site! The doctor Phill thread got more answers lol :)

Having similar combo, except I have 10,5 to 1, 4V heads, 278 cam, Offenhauser dual-plane manifold and few other small diffs

I'm also curious as well to some hear some ranges. The dyno company 25kms south of here is asking +-800 euros for a tuning/dyno day. That cooled me off

as I prefer use the money for parts.

I drove my 351c with a 650dp holley self tuned, so expected to be much less efficient than with the new sniper I've installed (My starter broke last week while I was trying the EFI for the first time... so can't say for now)

All i know is that the FMX+11 inch converter 2500 stall, 3.50 autolock freshly rebuild just like you, the power coming to the wheels is simply too much for my 255 tires to handle.

While it's fun to decorate pavement with stripes, the car doesn't really go forward with the kind of power its making.

I thought that somebody should have a simillar configuration to compare with. I talked to a dyno guy and he told me that they couldnt get exact Readings with an automatic transsmision. Maybe it has something to do how their dyno is setup. It feels like my combo should make more Power then it feels it does. Maybe the 2v heads limits it a bit. The dyno here was like 145 euros for 1 hour. that gives you 2  pulls. If they should start making adjustments to example ignition etc its 150 euros for each aditional hour.

Regards Rob

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I think Don's guess is pretty realistic.

Loads of power goes lost between flywheel to rubber.

Rob, your dyno guy is right. Automatics, traction controled cars etc

Requires more advanced dynos. Thats why, I will visit this adress,

once my prios are met. They also have per hour option 2 pulls for 125.


The dynoplace looks great.

Im very curious to see how much the 2v heads are limitng the Engine. Swapping to afd heads or something should really boost the overall Power. But that is a bit far away for now ;-)

I don't know if you can say 2v heads are limiting. its simply another driving experience with them.

[ Swapping to afd heads or something should really boost the overall Power]

Yes you would feel the diff for sure, tho, as said, it doesn't really make much sense to add more power to the engine if you can't transfer it to the ground properly.

280 or 350 HP at wheels on this car, the diff doesn't really matter, it will try kill you every time ;)

I want a manageable car too, so next wallet wounds will focus on improving the stops and get an overdrive (AOD).

Then I'll move on to my next patient :)

Today I Went to the dyno Place called Turbocenter

At rear Wheel it peak at 291.7 hp at 6500 rpm Torque around 340 nm maybe a Little bit low

I have to say that Don's answer is spot on :)

The dyno guy told that its hard to dyno because there is no lock up in the transmission, the converter slips etc.

He calculated 345 hp at the crank. I think this is a good result. The sniper unit performed flawless and he only pointed out some areas where I could increase fuel. But overall its doing the job.

I had set the timing to total 36 degrees. Next step is to let the sniper unit control timing.

The cam is very healthy he said, and limitation for more hp are the 2v heads as they are now.


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I found Don's estimate pretty realistic. Spot on is even better :)

You must be happy!

On my side, as replied in other thread 30mins ago, I'm less lucky (read lot less),

still no start with the sniper, and now distributor is stuck, so I can't even change timing.. so frustrated atm.

Yeap very happy thanks

Im sure you gonna get your engine running asap.

Regards Rob

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