Reverse Trike 68 Camero

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Aug 8, 2018
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72 Fastback - 351C-4V, Fitech EFI, T56 Magnum 6 Speed
Here's something you don't see ever day and I'm grateful for that.... The Camaro Trike.

In case the add goes down:

Seller's Description​

Valkyrie reverse Trike 68 Camero. needs finishing. Don't ask if still available. Will remove when sold. DM for price and if you want a video I'll ask for your number to text to. Title in hand in my name, registered to July 2024

Looks like an oversteering nightmare to me. I wonder how it does on slick crosswalk paint....always hated hitting those in the rain on a motorcycle.
Let's just be thankful it wasn't a Mustang.......... of any year.
What a friggin joke.
I get that some people want to be creative and try something different, but this takes the cake.
It won't be in my garage any to soon..... I mean ever.
I threw up a little in the back of my mouth when I first saw it, haha. Seriously though, being a 69 Camaro owner myself it sucks to see one butchered like that. I feel the same way when I look at post pics guys post of a 71-73 fastback butchered. It isn't often that manufacturers get it right, but when they do, why can't some people just leave them alone. It also amazes me that often a manufacturer does get it so right, but they only make it for one year, or just three years in the case of our cars and then they completely redesign it. BTW Chuck, I was going to mention that it wasn't a 68 and then I saw your post, lol.


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I always go to the car shows and see all kinds of cars in different condition and stages of restoration also customized and I always say I like all cars no matter how they look but with this there is an exception! I could not imagine doing this to my Camaro.


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