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Jul 5, 2010
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Grand Rapids, MI
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it was me trying to be funny. From another response in the subject:

The $1,500 for our flat hood was a tongue in cheek smirk, mean to indicate the improbability of me changing the hood as nobody in their right mind would pay that much for a flat hood. In future inflated dollars maybe, but not now. Thus, I am destined to keep our flat hood.

That is one of the problem with the written word. Sometimes an effort at being funny just does not make itself evident at times. heh heh...
That was me trying to be funny as well...
Jul 27, 2012
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Brisbane - Australia
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Hi to all,

Just doing a quick final follow up on trying to sell on my stock factory standard hood. Happy to say that i ended up selling it on to a local private Mustang enthusiast who collects original spare parts for 1,2,3 Mustangs, for $140.00 Au. ( $93.00 US Dollars) I did have it advertised on an Australia wide trading post style net set up for about 6 months or so,for around the $400.0 Au price ($266.00US Dollars), but did not get any bites. I then reduced the asking price down to the $140.00 Au mark, but again, got no takers. As well, i put an ad in the Mustang Forum, but received no interest there at all. It has proven to be very hard to sell it on. My standard hood was in excellent original condition with original factory paint/ with no rust/ dents/ or accident damage at all. A sweet part indeed.

Bottom line for me here, is that yes, i know i am dealing with a limited buyer's market out here in Oz for this kind of part, but i have also reached the conclusion that these standard hoods are not really all that popular anymore with the 1,2,3 brigade internationally speaking. The NACA/NASA hoods have become the darling go too look these days i feel. I say that with all due respect to all the folks out there that have and like the standard hoods. There is nothing wrong with them at all, and if you like that particular look, then great. They allow you also to add your own custom hood intakes to spice up the cars as well if you so desire or want to go that way.

Thanks for everyone's input to my post.

Greg. :)

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