Updated - Delete or ignore thread - Just a bad starter Solenoid


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Aug 8, 2018
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72 Fastback - 351C-4V, Fitech EFI, T56 Magnum 6 Speed
EDIT - Never mind, It was the starter solenoid after all. Should have checked more thoroughly before asking. I don't see an option to delete the thread or I'd do that.

Got home after a cruise, stopped a bunch of times and all was well. Stopped at several places and all was well and has been well with my PowerMaster 9162 starter on a 351C 4V. Pulled into the driveway, shut it off and realized that I needed to move the car a bit and the starter just clicks once. Glad I was in the driveway of course, but that was pretty weird out of the blue like that.

I haven't made it under the car yet, but battery is pretty new and is testing good also tried jumping it for good measure, checked all the cable connections on the top side and everything looks good. Never had issues with this thing before. So I'll be checking the cabling underneath of course. What else should I be looking for down there and if everything else looks good, did this pretty new starter or solenoid fail already? Is that common? Are these PowerMaster starters generally pretty solid? I needed to go with the smaller starter for clearance as the stock style doesn't work with the bell housing for the T56 Magnum.


EDIT - Sorry just realized that there is another new starter thread. Hopefully not too much starter talk for one day!
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