Vacuum hose routing

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Jun 14, 2019
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Coachella Valley (Palm Springs)
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1973 Convertible, 351 4v CJ, C6, Mach 1 Decor options, power: steering, brakes and windows, a/c, Rally Pac gauges, Deluxe interior.
I swear I've read every (and there are MANY) posts related to vacuum hoses, and I've reviewed each and every diagram.  I still can not find a diagram to match my configuration:  '73 351 4V automatic and a/c.  I tagged every hose going to or from the PVS and TCV valves before sending the engine out, but when I got it back from the machine shop:  a few hoses misplaced and none were still tagged, so I'm having to figure it out.

There are diagrams for a 351-4v w a/c and auto, but they don't match what I have under the hood.  Referencing the Ford Shop Manual diagrams posted by DonC for example, I should find my config in 3-14A (attached).  Thing is... I can not find the normally open solenoid valve marked #5 (for PVS valve outlet #2 and the distributor vacuum advance).  I'm assuming it's the same sort of valve as the normally open solenoid valve marked #4 (which is there on my engine and matches the diagram's location) but where the heck is #5?  Under/behind what?  The other thing is, a solenoid valve will have wires and I have no wiring unaccounted for so I just don't think I have the valve indicated as #5 or at least not in the location indicated for #5.  If there is no #5, is the correct routing a direct hose from PVS port 2 to the vacuum diaphragm?

None of my existing hoses have any of the check valves indicated in the diagram (should I be concerned?)  And another thing... the firewall mounted loop (#12 in the diagram) in my car is actually 4 ports.  Not sure that matters to this discussion.

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