Yellow Convertible in Mojo Nixon Music Video...Redneck Rampage

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Based on that video I reckon I am doing pretty well on the redneck scale since I own 2/3 cars shown: yellow Mustang vert and first-gen k5 Jimmy.

They show a Jeep briefly also but I don’t have one of those. If we wanted to recreate the video maybe @Mister 4x4 could supply his Jeep.


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Based on how mojo looks now this is a old video 😜nice vert
As the old saying goes, "Time waits for no one". I suspect it has a pretty good head start on most of us, too.
I remember when The Dead Milkmen came out with Bitchin' Camaro and Mojo's Elvis is Everywhere was on MTV.
If he looks almost 40 years older, I suppose there MAY have been some deterioration on my part, as well.

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