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Sound off if you have a 429 / 429 Mustang Roll Call


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that's a great time for a stock car!


Do you feel there's much left if you leave it stock per the rules?


I might be able to squeeze a little more if I modified the carb a little like a larger squirter and accelerator pump. According to the rules there is not much more a person could do although I don't think everyone runs Stock gears. The only options for 71 429 SCJ was a 3:91 or 4:11 I Always wonder what a set of 4:56's would do..hmmm.

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Looks like a great buy! Please share the details when you know more. Do you have the Marti report for it yet?


Is that the factory color? You don't see many black Mach 1's!


71 Mach 1 J code - Japanese export

72 Convertible f code - first car

Numerous other Fords

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A little late... but I thought I would add my car to this section as it was first rediscovered (poster shot) after year’s of long term hidden away barn storage until 2015. When pulled out from the barn; I then purchased and undertook the extensive three year factory appearance, operation and processes restoration of this rare 1 of 42 produced: J Code convertibles.


"Yes dear", has kept me in the hobby a long time...

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My newly acquired 1971 Mach 1 429 Cobra Jet Ram Air. Built for export to the UK where she spent all her life until last week. Now with me in France.









on his blindness by john milton interpretation

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Got a 71 429CJ Mach 1, matching numbers. Power windows, airco etc..

She burned rubber & fuel for the first 20 years in France, then was stored for 20 years here in the Netherlands.


Here last year with her genuine 20 years layer of dust.



Currently under surgery. It will be restored by me with love but not with originality in mind.


Her hart was broken. Not anymore!



The weekly updates of the love story


73 modified Grande 351C. (Finally back on the road woohoo!) 

71 429CJ. ( In progress )

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I call on every 71 listed on craigslist in the general area and check for a J, C, or R in the VIN. 


So far we have found one M code Sports roof - mostly rust free - this is the car my son and his friend are going to restore to resell this summer. 


A not so rough 71 convert sold in Florida a few years back for 3K - it was a C code 429 4 speed car. 


I bet there are more than a few cars within 100 miles or so of our home that are just another rusty old big 70's Ford to the current owner.  They will get sold on CL at some point.  (and I will probably be one phone call to late.)


A 67 Fastback popped up on CL with no picture here in St. Louis for 5K a few months ago and the ad was deleted within 30 minutes by the owner.  I bet he sold it to the first person who called.


I have bought a few very cheap parts cars doing this over the years so I do not considered it a waste of time.  Actually its kind of fun.


- Paul

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How many of us have factory 429 J Code cars here?  Please check in and tell us what you have.



My car was ordered by Ford employee, J. Williams who worked at the Atlanta Assembly Plant Hapeville, Georgia.  I have no idea who or what Mr. Williams did or if he was perhaps an executive there.  According to Kevin Marti, my car was ordered under the Ford Motor Company Lease Plan.  Kevin said that any Ford employee could participate in this program.


I am currently in the process of identifying as many previous owners as I can. Also trying to get any old memorabilia they might have to put in a scrapbook that will always stay with the car. You see, I know the car will out live me.  I want the next owner to know and have as much information and documentation as possible about this car. Trying to look out for the next generation of big body Mustang lovers out there!


Tell us what you know about your 429 Mustang!


I have the following 71 429s:


Grabber Blue Mach 1 (J), Grabber Lime Mach 1 (J), White Mach 1 ©, Pewter Mach 1 (J), Dark Green Metallic Mach 1 ©, Dark Green Metallic Fastback (J) and Red Convertible (J).   Convertible is done, Green Fastback is done, working on the Grabber Lime currently, others are waiting to be restored.

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Thanks from MotorCity Mustang!


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Mine is a 1FO5J194545 429 ram air c6 auto car.  found in 1982 with 27,000 miles on it LT pewter with ginger guts 

car was driven up from ( WITH 3.91 GEAR)  fla and left at a guys house.  On the way up guy stoped at a ford dealer ,car was running hot! They installed a new D0OE-R head. 4 years later I was able to buy the car. FUNNY part is I was driving my 71 mach1 429 when I found it. -Rich

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