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One of a kind 71 Mustang Convertible Restomod.

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Ive decided to sell my beloved 1971 Mustang Convertible. This was a great car when I bought it almost 7 years ago and is a one of a kind show winner now.

The car turns heads wherever I take it. It fires up faster and just as consistently as most new cars, and I wouldn't hesitate for a minute to take a road trip across the country with it.


It has won many shows and attracts a crowd wherever it goes.













The car was a good solid mostly original car when I bought it in 2008.

The only rust was a small spot in the drivers floor and the trunk, which were both repaired correctly with no sign of ever being touched. they were then painted with POR-15 and sound deadener was applied.




The car has what appears to the the original 302, that the previous owner said was rebuilt a year before I bought it. I honestly haven't done much to the engine as it runs so well. I have done gaskets on it, so that it doesn't leak.


Front and rear suspension was rebuilt with all new bushings, shocks and springs in the rear.


I began the refresh/restoration at the end of 2012.

The original paint was either media blasted or chemically striped to bare metal to start fresh.

Side marker lights were shaved as was the upper deckled panel seam and twilight panel trim.

All panels were skim coated for laser straight bodywork.

At the same time I bought a factory Mach 1 hood that received the same treatment.

All material used was high quality PPG.

Approximately 6 coats of custom mixed base coat were used to achieve proper coverage, stripes and tail panel were masked and shot in a black with a very subtle orange flake that can only be seen in just the right light.

Finally 3 coats of clear coat were applied over everything.

After everything was fully dry, the whole car was cut and buffed to create the glass like finish.



After the repaint the undercarriage was thoroughly cleaned, sanded and undercoated.



The Interior was in miraculously good shape, but I added custom TMI Sport R seat covers and foam to increase comfort and style.



Wheels and tires were painstakingly chosen to fit the proportions of the car while clearing the wheel openings.



I just finished discretely installing a Custom Autosound stereo system with speakers in the kick panels and quarter panels.


I also have 1 thick folder of receipts, a full set of 1971 Shop manuals, original dealer invoice from Hughson Ford in San Francisco along with original owners manuals, color samples and parts forms.


There are tons of other things I've done, but rather than writing a novel, the car is described well in pictures, and even better in person!


Link to Build Thread.






















































Asking $28,000 for this one of a kind Mustang.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, I have tons more information and pictures.

1971 Mustang convertible- My first car bought when I was 12 in 2008, re painted by me in 2013 with help from my boss and my dad! Still making it perfect!

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I am curious if you have had any serious offers? It would have been nice to see a vert go for what you were asking to start.


Yeah, I've got a pretty serious potential buyer right now. I think it really is worth the price. Its just not necessarily the best time of year to be selling it.

1971 Mustang convertible- My first car bought when I was 12 in 2008, re painted by me in 2013 with help from my boss and my dad! Still making it perfect!

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Love the color! Good luck.

If you ain't afraid (even a little) then you ain't going fast enough!

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