Selling Original Paint 73 Q code Convertible originally optioned like a Mach 1

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Feb 8, 2014
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Vallejo California
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I have a 71 Mach 1 grabber blue and white, a 73 Mach 1 Copper and White with power sunroof and a 73 Convertible all loaded
Selling my original 1973 Q code Convertible originally optioned to be a "Mach 1 " Convertible. I am the Second Long term owner since 2002 (was flipped to me from someone who bought it from the original owner's widow). All original panels with original paint including black hood and stripes except the tail light panel has been replaced. Clean body except a couple of rust areas which should be done with the smallest patch and minimal painting if you want to erase it's history. I prefer it untouched as is. This is not a restoration job or a car to give it a paint job. This should be considered a preservation. They are original once only and getting rarer and with factory black hood and stripes it would be foolish to erase them. Besides it still shows nice. Original interior still shows real nice. Lots of original paper work. I think it has around 83K original miles. $25,000 firm. Am also selling a 1973 Lincoln MK1V original Yellow and White with a sunroof $8,000 and a 89 Mustang Mclaren only one in Paris Blue and Tan with 54K miles $14,000. P1010002 (1).JPG


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