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BBF 429 + Weiand 8021 -> accelerator cable problem

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Hi All,

I need your help. I installed Weiand 8021 intake to my BBF 429 (old one leaked), but my accelerator cable is too tight and it keeps my idle at 1500rpm. When I remove the cable from carb I get normal idle around 900 rpm (I got non-stock camshaft). My current cable is 23.75" long, I need atleast 24" or more. But I couldn't find one with the correct brackets (maybe it's my poor search skills).

Do I need a custom one? Or should I change the gas pedal and cable (Lokar?)

Thanks in advance :)

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More search done and I found the solution, there are many cut-to-lenght universal accelerator cables and brackets for them, just need to pick one...

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I have this same issue on my 429. I think you have the correct length cable from what I have read.

Is the cable too tight between the bracket on the manifold and the carb or too tight from the firewall to the bracket?

I have a passenger car 429 in my Mustang with a a Ford non-CJ intake on it, and a reproduction throttle cable that is roughly 24" long. I had to make a spacer to move the throttle bracket towards the firewall in order to get the cable to sit in the bracket but this resulted in the same situation that you are experiencing (the cable holding the throttle open). I had to bend my bracket to get enough slack in the cable to get the throttle to close.

I would take a picture of my setup but its ugly. I am switching engines/ intakes soon so I didn't want to spend more than 5 minutes making something work...


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